Quick Start Guide

  1. Create an account on BeekeepingIO, and add an Apiary and Hive in the process.
  2. Log into BeekeepingIO, and search for the name of your Hive in the search window above.
  3. Click on the Hive name to take you there, and add a Device with the Add Device button that has a plus sign.
  4. Enter the name of the Device, and the Device ID that's on your BroodMinder. It looks like "a1:b2:c3".
  5. From the phone/table app, press one of the devices in the list.
  6. On this next page with graph lines, collect some data by pressing the Sync button.
  7. When the sync is finished, tap "BeekeepingIO" and follow the instructions. It will create an account for you.
  8. Wait a few minutes and check the BeekeepingIO website for your data to be published.

Detailed Directions

In order for you to connect your BroodMinder to BeekeepingIO, you'll need to log into BeekeepingIO and create an Apiary and a Hive in that Apiary. To do that, click on the Apiaries menu item. Then click on the Add Apiary button, enter the name of your Apiary, and click the green Create Apiary button. The name of your Apiary can be changed at any time. The screen should refresh, and should show your Apiary below. There won't be any data in the graph towards the top as you haven't uploaded any data yet.

To create a Hive, we'll need to move into the Apiary. Find the Apiary card towards the bottom of the screen and click on the title. The screen will change to show details on the Apiary. Towards the bottom, there will be card with a button to Add a Hive. Click on the Add a Hive button, and then fill in the name of your hive. Just like the Apiary, the name of your hive can be changed at any time. Click the green Save Hive button. There won't be any data in the graph towards the top as you haven't uploaded any data yet.

Then you'll need to create a Device under the Hive, but make sure you have the Device ID from your BroodMinder first. The Device ID of your BroodMinder is a hexadecimal number that's in the form of six letters and numbers, paired, with colons on the middle. It looks something like "a1:b2:c3" or "b5:ac:33".

Once you have this Device ID, you can create a Device. You can name this new Device anything you'd like, but we'd suggest the same name as your Hive, as the Device will probably stay in that Hive for a long time to come. If you decide to move the Device to another Hive in the future, you can, and you can rename the Device then.

To create the Device, look towards the bottom of the screen, and there will be card with a button to Add a Device. Click on the Add a Device button, and then fill in the name of your Device and the Device ID we found a moment ago. Then click the green Save Device button.

Now you need to upload the data from your hive. Go to your phone/tablet, and run the BroodMinder software. After it's been running for about 30-60 seconds, you'll see the screen refresh, and up to the minute data will be displayed. Now press/click on a device, and the screen will chnage to the graph screen for the device. CLick/press the "BeekeepingIO" button in the lower right hand cornerto start the upload process. If you've never uploaded before it will ask you for a username and password you created above, and then upload your data. Future uploads happen with a simple press of a button. If you see a message indicating "processing will be delayed", that's just a warning that you uploaded a lot of data, and it may take longer than usual until it's displayed. Normally, in a few minutes your data will be processed, stored, and displayed for you in BeekeepingIO

Once your Device is uploading data, you'll see a screen on your Apiary or Hive that looks something like this. Make sure your My Account setup is has the correct timezone for your location set, or the times may seem off by a few hours. To change your timezone, click on the Setup menu item, and then My Account

Every time you upload data from your phone/tablet, it will appear in BeekeepingIO in a few minutes. If you'd like to know if your data has been processed, just refresh your browser's page, and you should see the data in your Apiary or it's associate Hive.

Remember you can move around anyhwere in BeekeepingIO by clicking on the Title of a card, or by clicking on the navigation at the top, or with the menu on the left side of your screen.

Thanks for uploading your data and sharing it with other beekeepers and entomologists. Your data is helping improve bee health around the world.